Softlab S.p.A. (Milano, Roma)

Softlab S.p.A. (Milano, Roma)

Roma (RM)

Softlab S.p.A. is a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and internationally active in Business Advisory, ICT Consulting and Digital Entertainment.

Our Vision

A digital ecosystem in which our clients achieve optimized performance leveraging Data, Technologies and Qualified professionals. We strongly believe in the culture of doing to motivate and elevate top talent quickly by creating a true meritocracy.

Our Mission

Use data-driven decisions to boost business performance. Leverage our data domain expertise together with the “best-in-class” technologies and our attitude for innovation to drive the change. Work alongside our Clients, to enhance their processes execution focusing on performance and continuous improvements.

What we do: offering

Softlab SpA aims to provide an end-to-end service, thanks to specialised skills, proprietary technologies and established experience.

The offering is for the Enterprise market, with the presence of B2C experiments.

Our offering covers any need in Business Advisory, ICT Consulting and Tech Services. Our services’ portfolio is comprehensive and allows Softlab Group to position itself on the market in the exclusive spot of a Made in Italy boutique firm.

The offer is served by six practices:

1. Data Analytics

2. Digital Sales & Marketing

3. GRC Audit & Security

4. TLC Network Management

5. SW Factory & Technology Solutions

6. RPA & Customer Services