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Industria Termoplastica Pavese SpA

INNOVATIVE PACKAGING, this is what we build up.

Through extrusion, we have been transforming raw material into polyethylene films since 1973. In collaboration with Italian and foreign Universities, as well as with National Research Council (CNR), we study and design smart and intelligent packaging solutions for food industry.

This is our main vision: the reduction of food waste in developed countries as well as food losses in developing countries.

But our range of products has been widening through the years, covering today not only food applications: hygiene and surface protection can count on adhesive films, films for lamination in different versions, coextruded masking films, labels and films for tubes.

In our 800m2 recently renewed lab, 8 chemical engineers can study and test materials on state-of-the-art pilot lines.

We have celebrated our 50th Anniversary by now. 50 years of diligence, growth and investments.

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